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Young and Talented: Evan Bird Biography and Facts

Evan Bird may not be as famous as, let’s say, Ryan Gosling.

However, this young actor’s talent should not be seen with merely one eye.

Starting his acting career at just eight years old, now, he is a rising star after making his breakout in 2014-film Maps to the Stars, playing as the Benji Weiss, mostly notable for his foul mouth words – of course in the film only.

Do you want to know Evan Bird's biography and facts? Let’s check it out below.

Evan Bird Biography and Facts: from ‘Star Wars’ to His Teen Breakout of Fame

Evan Bird’s Quick Facts

Just like anyone’s biographies, let’s start Evan Bird biography and facts with a quick fact about him. Evan Bird is a Canadian actor and was born on May 23, 2000, in Vancouver. He was not born into a rich family. On one of his ‘ancient’ tweets around 2014, he admitted that he was born to a middle-class family that he had to share a two-bedroom apartment with his parents and one sister. 

He also said that one reason to stay humble after all his achievements is that he remembers his family’s struggle to make him rise like that. He also tweeted that his parents and sister are his big source of motivation.

Rising to Fame

Unlike other young actors who might start it well by attending acting school, model school, or such – Evan Bird started from a commercial for Mercedes Benz. Since then, he got many offers for TV series appearances such as in Psych, The Haunting Hour, and Caprica, three of which were aired in the same year of 2010.

Other than that, Evan Bird paid several appearances on more TV shows in the next years, like Fringe (2011) and Falling Skies (2012). Not to forget, his portrayal of Tommy Larson in The Killing (2011-2012), won people’s heart. Interestingly, he was interested in films and TV after watching Star Wars when he was only four or five.

Into the Film Industry

After gaining such success in TV series, the young Evan Bird was finally stepping his young feet onto the film industry. His first gig was to play the role of 8-year old Tim or more known as ‘Young Rabbit’ in Chained, a 2012-film. Two years later, which is 2014, he once more got a role in Maps to the Stars. In that film, he played as Benjie Weiss – a ‘horrid’ character, foul-mouthed unmanageable child actor. Thanks to his astounding acting, he got more recognition from the public.

That’s a little bit of information about Evan Bird's biography and facts. It’s been years since his last film appearance, but his excellence in acting should not taking fans away from him. So, are you among the fans expecting his comeback?