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How to Make a Short Film: A Brief Guide to Create Your Own Film

You've just seen a short film competition announcement with an enticing prize.

Of course, it is good to try, but you may wonder how to make a short film?

Even, you may start to doubt yourself since there are many film schools graduates out there who will be more competent than you.

Not worry, all people can make their own short films.

How to Make a Short Film: Three Essential Processes

Alright, to answer your question of how to make a short film, there are three main processes in filmmaking: pre-production, production, and post-production. All stages need special attention while making your film.


1. Determine a story idea

To make a short film, you will need a story to develop. It can be fiction, your own story, or the one you adopt from someone else.

2. Conduct research for everything needed during the filmmaking process

In your research, find out settings and everything related to the story. This will include properties and stuff in filmmaking processes, and where to find them.

3. Write the script

You may have not had any experience writing such scripts. There are many sources on the net to find script samples.

4. Get a team and cast for actors, and the filming equipment (purchase or rent)

Make an audition or something else to get cast for your film.


1. Do the shooting rehearsal 

The casts should do this to get into the role. To do it, prepare a specific time slot to rehearse the dialogues.

2. Dress the casts

Supporting outfits will create a better impression on your film. Of course, you will need to dress them to befit their characters.

3. Start shooting the film

You can stick to the script and storyboard provided or adding improvisation here and there. Then, shoot all the scenes needed to build the film. Check back for any missing details and more things which can be minor to the film, but essential to have. 


1. Uploading the film to the film editor software

Combine all the scenes according to the script and dismiss the 'spam' scenes. Next, do a thorough checking for the audio. Make sure the dialogue can be heard easily and the bustling surrounding audio does not disturb the dialogues.

2. Add effects, transitions, text, and BGM as needed

These will enhance your film as a whole. However, don’t overdo it.

3. Check again under the producer's supervision

The producer will need to look at the edited version as well as the ‘end-product’. If needed, you can ask for their advice, too. Once done, render the film.

Hope this information will cover your queries on 'how to make a short film?'.

It is not a short process, but it will give a sense of satisfaction once you are done making the short film yourself.

Even, it can entice your creative mind to create more contents.