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How to Make A Movie on Netflix? Three Possible Ways to Do it

The question of how to make a movie on Netflix is not rare to be asked amongst indie filmmakers.

Considering how giant this media production and service provider has become, many have considered it a major mean to reach the audience.

The fact is, there is no submission process formally, but there are a few ways you can make it there.

Helpful Guides on How to Make A Movie on Netflix

Indeed, getting your movie on Netflix shouldn’t be the sole goal to focus on.

However, it might be considered as an achievement as well, on the way to get your project succeeded.

First option: Aim directly to Netflix

Try to learn the rolling credits during original shows or movies on Netflix.

There would be a list of executives and responsible team for the project which might just suit your proposal.

Go with the most promising executive and e-mail them about your set of the proposal.

Then, you have to wait because there are thousands of e-mails each day sent to Netflix.

If your proposal has an appealing title and powerful storyline, it might grab their attention.

Second option: Search and use an agent

The second way on how to make a movie on Netflix is to have an agent.

It’s an excellent way to improve your pitches, as well as guiding and arranging things during the whole development process.

Some examples of leading agencies that have earned credibility and access are CAA ((Creative Artists Agency), WME (William Morris Endeavor), or ICM (International Creative Management).

There are also exists smaller and independent agencies that can help your way into your pitch.

Third option: Cooperating with distributors

Distributors are the persons who meet with the Netflix team regularly.

Their works range from pitching portfolios to cataloging programs that either still on proposal forms, are produced on-going, or have been completed.

Distributors are constantly on the search for fresh interesting projects, so they are suitable to be partners of filmmakers.

You’d be able to search for information about their activities through free online newsletters such as C21 and Realscreen.

Try to take a note of how distributors performing, such as the standard and basic of deal terms. 

The great approach to distributing your film is by removing any barriers that exist between the movie and the prospective viewers.

There is no simple and instant way to guarantee you will make it into Netflix, but at least several methods on the guide of how to make a movie on Netflix above may help you to layout the path.