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David Mazouz Biography and Facts: A Multitalented Young Actor that will Steal Your Heart

It doesn’t surprise anyone when David Mazouz was nominated in Young Artist Awards.

Starting his career in commercials, this young American actor appeared many times in TV series and movies since 2011.

That time, he was still as young as 10 years old. Now that he pursues higher education at Stanford University, the acting gig is one he doesn’t miss out on.

Wondering about this amazing young lad? Here you go, David Mazouz biography and facts.

David Mazouz Biography and Facts: So Young, So Charming

David Mazouz early life

Let’s start talking about David Mazouz's biography and facts by knowing his background first. Born in 2001, he is the son of a Tunisian-French Jewish father and Greek mother. Despite their parent's medical education background (his father is an MD, while his mom is a psychotherapist), his parents don’t seem to limit his step to aim his passion. He has a sister.

Early Career

He didn’t start right away appearing on TV. At age 8, he appeared in a commercial long with Kiefer Sutherland. This made him interested in acting even more – and a good gig was handed to him in 2010. That year, aside from appearing in a television film, he also played his role as Randy in “Mike & Molly” (ep. “After the Lovin’”). 

The year 2011 marks his further career in acting. He got a role as Timmy in ‘Coming & Going’, a romantic comedy movie starring Rhys Darby and Sasha Alexander. Also on that year, he got a role in three TV series: Criminal Minds, Private Practice, and The Office

Although he only played in one episode per TV series, it sufficed to trust one of the main roles of Touch TV series to him. In that TV series, Mazouz played as Jake, an 11-year-old mute boy who is interested in numbers and somehow can see past, present, and future occurrences through numbers. Thanks to this role, he was nominated as one of the best young performers in a TV series.

Further career

After his appearance in Touch, he got more recognition and he also got some TV series gigs. The longest one being his role in Gotham, where he played as Bruce Wayne for a continuous 100 episodes, which took 5 years from 2014 to 2019. The 2016 films Incarnate and The Darkness – both being horror movies – also had him as their lead actor.


He studied in a modern orthodox Jewish school (his parents are Jewish), pursuing musical and sketch improvisation. Despite his busy schedule, starting in Fall 2019, this amazing young lad attends Stanford University. He’s expected to graduate in 2023. Aside from that, he also took guitar lessons after Kiefer Sutherland gave him a guitar for his 11th birthday.

That’s a bit of information related to David Mazouz's biography and facts. He has a good start indeed.

Therefore, it will be no wonder if David Mazouz becomes a big star in the future.