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Can YouTubers become Actors? Know Where They Start and Who Made A Way to the Industry

The massive emergence of online entertainers (read: YouTubers) with their distinct shows sometimes results in our curiosity about their lives.

Since they’ve built their entertainment show, you may start asking yourself, can YouTubers become actors?

Well, they are actors for their show, but will they make it to the major film industry?

Answering the Curious You: Can YouTubers Become Actors?

Can YouTubers become actors?

The short answer is, yes. And why not – they have built such popularity which may help the movie to become popular as well.

Everyone can become an actor, with the will to learn invested as well as a huge effort of practice. 

Where do YouTubers start?

Of course, it is almost impossible to see someone that can be said, inexperienced in the film industry to star in Hollywood movies. Success is not an overnight thingy, you too know that very well. So, you may see YouTubers will start their acting experiences through some short movie appearance. 

Yes, the reversed process is possible as well. Many newcomer actors start their YouTube channels after completing some gigs, in the hope to use YouTube as their portfolio platform as well as to introduce their acting skills. 

Some others may also shift from their vlogging to a feature film. They may get the leading roles, but the movie is most likely to be released not in the mainstream cinemas. Online film streaming platforms are where to acknowledge their acting skill. 

It is a long, windy road, indeed. And receiving poor ratings and reviews from watchers and fans is part to develop their acting skills. Toward this, many decide not to go further while others may decide the opposite. Taking acting school, practicing often, and challenge themselves to audition even for a minor appearance should help them to shine bright.

From YouTubers to actors

Not only singers who are expanding their career to acting, but these persistent YouTubers also pave their way to more recognitions by playing in films.

  • Lisa Schwart and Shane Dawson

These YouTubers have been a hit a while ago. Dawson and Schwart have worked together once in the 2014 comedy flick, Not Cool. Dawson made his debut circa 2002 when he acted for a comedy-horror film Smiley.

  • Flula Borg

While others play in the film, Flula Borg, a German YouTuber – chose his way to lead in one musical film. He was initially known as a musically gifted YouTuber, so no wonder he made the way to the stage too.

  • Lia Marie Johnson

Despite the so-so ratings of Expelled – the comedy feature movie in which she played a role, that doesn’t mean Lia doesn’t want to pursue a further career in acting. She even spreads her career to singing beside her acting career.

So, the explanation above should answer your question, “Can YouTubers become actors?”.

Being actors isn’t an easy thing.

But with patience, perseverance, and persistence, these YouTubers – and even you, can achieve the dream of being an actor.