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Maddie Ziegler - Biography and Facts

Maddie Ziegler Biography: A Girl Who Can Do It All

Young and multi-talented made up Maddie Ziegler. An American dancer, actress, and also a model, this Pennsylvanian girl makes most of her life performing in front of people.

She even learned how to dance since the age of two – while the rest of the kids are still juggling with baby steps, blabbers, and candies. As she gained popularity mostly from her dance, starring at series, or in a music video.

Maddie launched her novels which became a best-selling book. Let’s see what other dazzling achievements she has in this Maddie Ziegler biography.

Maddie Ziegler Biography: Born a Performer

1. Maddie as a kid

Let’s begin Maddie Ziegler's biography with her childhood life. She’s the first kid of two siblings born to Melissa and Kurt Ziegler, back then in 2002. She later got more siblings after her parent’s divorce (2011) and remarriage (2013). Well, despite this, young Maddie grows up as an active girl. Dancing since the age of two, she moved on a well-known dance school after passing two years in her previous dance school. In her new school, she learned many moves, including ballet, contemporary, tap, and aerial dance. In terms of schools, she only had formal schools until 2013, where later she homeschooled.

2. Stepping into fame

Her decision to move into Abby Lee Dance Company brought her good luck. Her undeniable talent along with her hard work made her possible to win many prestigious championships.

Maddie and Melissa Ziegler appeared in the first season of her dance school variety show: Lifetime’s Dance Moms. Sia, the singer of “Chandelier” found Maddie through that show. Later Maddie appeared on Sia’s music video. Her eccentric, powerful, and somehow spectacular character won people’s hearts. For that video alone, she gained many awards including the best choreography award.

3. Other gigs

Besides dancing, Maddie is also acting pretty well in several series. One of them is in Drop Dead Diva, although she was not as a lead role. In 2015 and 2016, she guest-starred several series as well, like Austin & Ally, Pretty Little Liars, and Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. 

She also took voice acting jobs in several animated films. For those jobs, people mentioned she’s incredibly capable to deliver the right expression towards her voice. Interestingly, she’ll appear once again in Sia’s self-written and directed film ‘Music’. This film is expected to be released in the second half of 2020.

4. Modeling gigs, fashion line business, and books she writes

It seems like nothing can stop this girl from being a performer. She got many brands asking her as an ambassador, including Clean & Clear, Pop-Tarts, and even Ralph Lauren. She has also been featured in various magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Nylon, and Harper’s Bazaar.

At age 12, along with Mackenzie – her sister, the girls released their clothing line: The Maddie & Mackenzie Collection.

Although that doesn’t last long, she then escorted by Elle to be their correspondent.

Moreover, she released four books already – one memoir titled The Maddie Diaries and the trilogy novels specified for young teen readers. Her memoir became a best-seller in 2017. 

If continued, there will be not enough space to describe Maddie Ziegler as a talented young lady.

The thing we can learn from this Maddie Ziegler biography is how hard work will be paid off in the end once combined with perseverance.