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Dylan Minnette - Biography and Facts

Dylan Minnette Biography: Life, Career and Everything Else

Dylan Minnette's biography is usually sought by those who have just seen the “13 Reasons Why” series.

The American actor is the main star of the show, and his acting impresses a lot of people for sure.

For you who want to understand more about Dylan, his biography can be read below.

Dylan Minnette Biography and Life Information

Since Dylan is an actor, his life becomes a subject of his fans and public. There is little information about his life that can be found here, but of course, it is not all as Dylan also has privacy. As long as we know, here is the information that you should know about the “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” actor.

1. Early Life

Let’s begin the Dylan Minnette Biography by discussing his early life. He was born on December 29th, 1996. His sign is Capricorn. He is the son of Robyn and Craig Minnette. It is unclear how many siblings he has. His childhood was spent in Illinois, but he was born in Evansville Indiana. He moved to LA when he was 5 years old, specifically to pursue a career in movies.

2. Career and Filmography

The highlight of Dylan acting career is:

  • (2017-2020) 13 Reasons Why

  • (2010) Medium

  • (2007) Saving Grace

  • (2014) Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  • (2016) Don't Breathe

  • (2015) Goosebumps

3. Personal Relationship

Dylan is currently dating actress Lydia Night. Before that, he was falling in love with his co-star in the movie "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" named Kerris Dorsey. They have been in the relationship for four years before breaking up.

4. Social Media Information

Dylan is very active on Instagram. He uploads photos and contents regularly. His Instagram account is @dylanminnette. The account is verified, so you know it is him. Based on the follower’s numbers, you can tell that the account is legit as the account is followed by more than 7 million people. 

Dylan can also be found on Twitter. His Twitter verified page is @dylanminnette and he has like 670k+ followers there. Ian has an official YouTube account as well, but he is not too active there. If you want to find it, his channel is "Dylan Minnette".

5. Award and Nominations

He has won several awards. In 2008, he won the Young Actor Award for his performance in "Saving Grace". In 2011, he won that award again for his performance in "Medium". Two years later in 2013, he won the National Board of Review award along with all this cast on "Prisoner" for their ensemble acting.

The life of a celebrity is always interesting in the eyes of fans.

If you like Dylan, those explanations about his life should help you out in getting to know him better.

Follow his social media as he is quite active there, especially on Instagram.

It will help you to surely feel closer to Dylan. Read that Dylan Minnette's biography for more information.