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Uriah Shelton - Biography and Facts

Meet Uriah Shelton. If Jaden Smith is linked to his appearance in Karate Kid, this young fellow will leave you in the gleam of admiration for his capabilities in these three martial arts: Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Wushu.

You may have known him through his songs, such as Everything’s Changed. Born on March 10, 1997, Shelton is also an actor and has appeared in many movies and web series.

One of his most notable appearances is his role as the lead in Lifted, a 2010 film.

Let’s get to know this multi-talented young man through this Uriah Shelton biography below.

Uriah Shelton Biography: His Life and Career

Uriah Shelton and his multi-talents story

Let’s begin this Uriah Shelton biography through a brief overview of his life. Although he was born in Texas – in Dallas to be exact, he moved into Magnolia Springs in Alabama when he was only one month old. Like any other kids, he grew interests in both sports and music. At seven years old, he started to learn martial arts and attended a modeling class as well. He took the class along with his cousin. Later, his decision to take a modeling class led him to be escorted by many talent agencies in both New York and Los Angeles. His love for acting also plays a role in his embarkation in Los Angeles.

Shelton’s career ground-zero

He began working for commercials shortly after he got escorted by agencies in those previously mentioned cities. But, this didn’t make him lost his grip on martial arts. His parental support along with his perseverance despite his budding career in the entertainment industry made him becoming a Taekwondo champion in the 2006 ATA Taekwondo California State Championship.

Setting back his focus into acting, in 2007 he debuted in a television series Without a Trace, playing as Brett Hendricks. In the same year, he also appeared in Ghost Whisperer, taking his role as Young William. 

His film debut happened in 2008 where he played for a film entitled Lower Learning. Although he got various minor roles, it seemed like he wasn’t underestimated at all. Hence, he could pave his way into more recognition by the public. He began to appear in more TV series as well as web series. In 2011, he eventually starred in a drama film Lifted along with other actors such as Dash Mihok and Nicki Aycox.

Uriah Shelton’s TV appearances: delving more

Since he got more recognition in the world of TV-series industry, this results in his appearances in many TV series including The Glades, the Last Man Standing, Girl Meets World, Instant Mom, 13 Reasons Why, and Looking for Alaska. Shelton had also performed in several films, like The Warriors Gate, Skywatch, Opposite Day, and Alabama Moon.

Into the music

The next aspect of Uriah Shelton's biography is his music. Uriah Shelton also had several singles under his name.

Those are the things about Uriah Shelton's biography.

His perseverance and also spirit to achieve what he dreams of at such a young age should be a reminder for us to keep hustling.

Besides, it is always better to try although you are lacking in it, than later regretting because you’re not doing it at all.