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Rohan Chand - Biography and Facts

For those who are looking for Rohan Chand biography, you have come to the right place.

The Mowgli portrayer is indeed quite popular and his face is familiar to everyone.

This is everything you need to know about him, starting from the information about his childhood to his hobbies.

Here they are for you to read and to figure out more about him,

What Should You Know in Rohan Chand Biography

The fans of Rohan should understand everything about him.

However, the actor seems to be pretty private in his life and does not act on his social media, making it is harder to get personal information about him.

However, the general information about the actor should be available down below to complete the Rohan Chand biography.

His Date of Birth

Rohan was born in New York City. His date of birth is July 24th, 2003. As per 2020, he is 17 years old. His birth sign is Leo.

His Childhood and Family

A lot of Rohan Chand biography sites will talk about his childhood and family. This one is no different. Rohan’s ethnicity is Indian. His parents are both Indian and he considers India as his second home. Even though he was born in the USA, his parents are bringing him up in Indian culture and this is why Rohan can speak Hindi and Urdu, even though not fluently. He speaks those languages in some of his movies.

His Career

Rohan started his acting career when he was 6 years old. If you watch the movie “Jack and Jill” (2011) by Adam Sandlers, you will see little Rohan there playing as the adoptive son of Jack (Adam Sandler’s character). After that, Rohan started to make an appearance in several more movies and TV shows, including Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) and Homeland. He appeared in Homeland Season 1 Episode 9.

His face is recognized worldwide after Rohan starred as Mowgli in the Andy Serkis version of The Jungle Book (2018). In that movie, Rohan is the main star and that is why he is widely known right now as the portrayer of Mowgli.

His Hobbies

Rohan has a hobby of playing baseball. He was discovered as an actor when he was playing baseball. He was just around 5 years old at that time. Besides baseball, Rohan loves traveling and outdoor activities like zip-lining. You can see it all on his Instagram.

His Social Media

Rohan has an Instagram account and a Twitter account. He is not too active on both, however. The Instagram account of Rohan is @rohan_chand and the Twitter account is @RohanChand.

The actor is one of the most potentials among all. In the next few years, he will probably star in more movies, and his face is going to be more and more familiar. For you who love the actor, the information up above should help you it. That is the full information about Rohan Chand biography, and you can figure out more about the actor now.