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Megan Charpentier - Biography and Facts

Megan Charpentier Biography, Date of Birth and More

If you are looking for Megan Charpentier's biography, you have come to the right place. This is the best brief biography of the Canadian young actress.

Here, you can find everything you need to know about Megan, including her early life, career, and her awards.

Read the biography below, and you will find out more about the talented actress.

megan charpentier biography
Megan Charpentier bio

Megan Charpentier Biography Every Fan Should Know

Her name is probably not that well-known. However, if you love horror movies, Megan’s face is probably familiar to you. To find out where you have seen here and other things about her, read this Megan Charpentier biography down below. It will give you all the answers about the beautiful actress, including her brief filmography, too.

Megan Charpentier Early Life

Megan was born in British Columbia, Canada on May 26th, 2001. Her parents are Anne Charpentier and Maurice Charpentier, both are working in local companies. She was raised along with her two younger sisters, Genea and Madison. 

She was an attractive-looking child and started to get TV commercial offers when she was only a couple of years old. Her face was eventually shown on TV when she starred in a Hasbro commercial when she was three years old.

Megan Charpentier Filmography and Career

After the TV commercial, young Megan started to get more and more appearances of TV shows as she grew up, including Supernatural and several others. In motion picture or big screen, her face is recognized worldwide when she starred in horror movie Jennifer Body (2009) as a young version of Needy. 

She later starred in Red Riding Hood (2011) as a young version of Amanda Seyfried's role, Valerie. Then, she also starred in Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) as the Red Queen. Her biggest role to this day is in the horror movie Mama (2013) where she played Victoria, one of the feral kids raised by the ghost.

Megan Charpentier Awards

Her performance in Mama is considered very dashing and that was why she was nominated in the Young Artist Award in 2014. She was in the category of Best Leading Young Actress in a Feature Film. Unfortunately, she did not win the prize.

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Thus Canadian actress is indeed very talented, and someday will be a big star for sure. Read the biography up there to make sure you know about the actress.

The information above is probably brief, but it contains the essential information about Megan Charpentier's biography.

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