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Useful Tips on How to Become Actor for HBO and Land Gigs on Acting

HBO is the home production of plenty of amazing award-winning shows such as Game of Thrones, Girls, The Newsroom, Entourage, or Boardwalk Empire.

The prestigious network is constantly looking for fresh talents for varying roles on their projects.

To land a gig on their series, commercial jobs, or a role for their pilot episode of a sitcom, you may want to learn about how to become an actor for HBO by reading the list below.

Four Essential Steps on How to Become Actor for HBO

1. Learn how to act in front of the camera and people

Acting is a craft and no matter how naturally born of a performer you are, there is always room for growth. The fact has been known by the best actors in the industry. Even for seasoned performers, they have to constantly hone their craft by work with mentors and coaches. For an aspiring actor especially, it is essential to try and sign up for different acting classes with different groups and different styles to become a versatile and well-rounded actor that ready to take any arising opportunity for roles.

2. Be committed to the work

The second step on how to become an actor for HBO is to invest yourself and your time entirely. You have to give your all, physically and emotionally to be 100 percent committed. Plenty of HBO series actors are so dedicated they’re willing to spend about 20 hours a day on the set. It’s not going to be easy, it might take a toll on your relationship, or you may have to move out to Los Angeles or New York where the chance to make it is bigger than where you are now.

3. Be focused and persistent

A lot of actors have said that sometimes a seemingly insignificant role can be the career’s catalyst because working in the industry is just full of surprising and unexpected things. Talent alone might not be able to bring you into success, but persistence might be. Seek out as many opportunities as you can out there because they won’t just come and knock on your door. Take a look at George Lucas who took a role in “American Graffiti” before he made his breakthrough in “Star Wars”.

4. Find your range as an actor, then break it

You may have recognized and carved several famous names on your mind by their specific roles. For instance, the cute girl next door type is what most people think when they are cued of Meg Ryan’s acting. Finding the niche that works for you, as it works for them is important when you’re just getting started. Later, when you gain more capability by experience, it is time to move beyond the initial range of yours and extend it.  

As has been mentioned in the tips on how to become an actor for HBO, it is hard to make it based on your talent only, let alone achieve overnight success.

Most of the actors didn’t know when their break is going to come, so does yours.

Years of preparation and working hard are what going to take you into the quality program on HBO.