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All You Want to Know about How to Become Actor for Universal Studios

How to become an actor for Universal studios? Lots of people raise this question because working as a Universal Studios actor is one of the most wanted jobs in entertainment for a theme park for many reasons. People say that it is a fun place to work with a great professional working environment and good coworkers.

You can enjoy some benefits like competitive payment for working as an actor there, free lunches, and priceless experience. Meeting famous actors and actresses is another big chance you can get if you are hired in this theme park, so preparing yourself for the audition worth all of these.

How to Become Actor for Universal Studios through Auditions

Before auditioning, you have to get an idea about what any major studios will consider to select you in their audition and to hire you. You have to train as hard as you can professionally to compete with the other actor-want-to-be. Be familiar with the major market of entertainment and join the union of screen actors.

Then how to become an actor for Universal Studios through auditions?

Universal Studios regularly hold an audition both in Hollywood and Orlando studios. It is madly a competitive audition since hundreds of people might want the same role as you do, so make sure that you audition at both the studios.

You might consider some tips below from the experienced people who worked as an actor there to get your dream comes true.

1. Choose your role

Universal Studios hold auditions for various roles in each theme. Make sure you prepare yourself for the role well because you will have one minute to present a monologue that is based on the audition requirements you attend.

2. Earlier is better

Universal Studios will hold the audition throughout the season, so it is suggested to take a part in the very first audition to have a better chance to be considered to fill more roles along with their additional audition dates.

3. Wear comfortable clothes to move in

Come to the audition in business casual clothes, but prepare to change into the comfortable one like yoga pants to let you move freely during the casting.

4. Bring the materials

Remember to bring all the materials needed to support your audition such as a copy of your acting resume, driver’s license, social security card, and other documentation of employment. Prepare a pen for yourself is better.

5. Prepare for an endless waiting

With hundreds of people joining the audition in a long line of check-in queue, you need to prepare yourself for a long wait. Be patient and bring anything to spend your spare time except someone else that is not joining the audition because they can be a distraction for you.

Your acting experience might be not enough to get you accepted in the audition, so how to become an actor for Universal studios?

Note that the most important is your dedication and passion to the role also your ability to face challenging circumstances that often come during the work.

Do some research related to the role you pick, be yourself during the audition, and keep auditioning if you do not get the current cast.