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5-Steps Action Plan on How to Become Actor for Disney

Becoming a Disney actor is the dream of thousands of kids out there. It is the starting point and stepping stone for various Hollywood’s big names, such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake.

However, it takes more than an effort to try an audition to get casted by Disney. Five steps of how to become an actor for Disney in the list below may help to get your way on becoming a star.

Check them out to prepare yourself when the opportunity arises, sooner or later.

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How to become actor for Disney?

Helpful Tips on How to Become Actor for Disney

1. Take acting classes and experiences to improve your credit

Think of an audition as an exam you have to take to get into a certain school. You don’t want to come without proper preparation. Learn the acting techniques to become the quality Disney actor by taking acting classes or joining an acting club. While at it, you may also take lessons on singing and dancing to become a more versatile and more creative performer.

2. Showcase your talent more often

It is important to learn how to become comfortable to act or perform in front of a lot of people. You would learn how to perform confidently and lessen the pressure for a bigger audition. Participating in performance stages or talent contests will help you a lot on your portfolio, even on the ones that held on a local scale such as on school plays, neighborhood community, or church.

3. Build a neat portfolio

Due to the fast-paced nature of Disney’s audition, plenty of amateurs are quick to be sorted out by the casting directors. This is where an attractive and organized portfolio will be very much useful. Include the professional headshots and resume of yours to display your appearances and experiences. Make sure that the resume is no more than a page long and containing several of your biggest and most recent accomplishments.

4. Broaden your connections

The next step on how to become an actor for Disney is to build the connections and networks that you have. Each show on Disney Channel has a casting director that the contact information might be easy to look up. You can write a brief email with the purpose to introduce yourself, send your resume, and express your wish to join the audition. Another way to create great connections is to hire a talent agent that will help you set your first step in the industry.

5. Try for the audition

Now it’s time to test your efforts and lucks! The casting directors of Disney Channel are holding open call audition every once in a while. You could check the information out on the Disney official website regarding the upcoming audition. If you have an agent, there’s a chance you could get access to an exclusive audition which is very beneficial for an aspiring person to be an actor.

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Having a big goal is great, but no goal would be achieved by sitting idly while waiting for an opportunity.

These steps on how to become an actor for Disney may not guarantee you of making a big break in the entertainment industry, but at least it could help you improve your chance by working hard to expand yourself more.

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