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10 Best Tips For Actors

The person who decided to devote life to acting and the stage, without exaggeration, is a brave soul and an adventurer! This path is one of the most interesting and fascinating, but it is not easy. To start it is to build your own environment, which will not let you lose heart in difficult times.

1. Be clear to people.

Make sure that your super task includes universal human needs that are close and understandable to all people on earth, and that can encourage and inspire them. In this sense, an audience of any nationality should be able to relate to your acting and benefit from this experience.

2. Become your character.

Do not play your character, be this character, obtaining what you need from a living and pure life. You must understand how your world relates to the aspect described to always exist in real life here and now.

3. Never pretend to be a victim.

In real life, we never support people who pity themselves. We always love and support people who, in spite of all conflicts and obstacles in the way, in spite of the most terrible circumstances, still fight and win!

4. Turn weaknesses into virtues.

Benefit from your shortcomings, fears, and insecurities. This is precisely what makes you exciting and unique.

5. Never take the downside of your job.

Sadness leads to lethargy and inertia, and they, in turn, to the inability to move forward. Passion is the fire that makes us do things that we would never have done under normal circumstances. Passion moves mountains, and sadness digs a hole. It is anger that causes passionate behavior.

6. Do not forget about humor.

Even the most hopeless drama must bring humor. You cannot see the darkness unless you know what light is. Fun also makes watching a play, movie, or television show more enjoyable and memorable.

The dramatic fabric of Chekhov's plays, filled with profound tragedy, is permeated with satire and humor. That is why he stood the test of time and took his rightful place in world literature.

The same applies to Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, David Mamet, Noel Coward, Samuel Becket, Sophocles, Oscar Wilde, Aristophanes, George Bernard Shaw, Harold Pinter, Jean-Paul Sartre and all the great authors whose works have survived through the ages.

7. Be sexually attractive.

Sexuality is the key that can help create chemistry with another character and with the audience. And chemistry or its flaw can build or ruin the success of a film (television show or play). Sexuality is also something that everyone understands and correlates with, regardless of religion, geography or location, linguistic barriers, moral priorities, intelligence, socioeconomic factor, or occupation.

Being a biological species, a person has primary needs, and the most critical requirement, which is inherited from generation to generation, is the need for procreation. Making the partner and the audience feel that you are sexually attractive is the talent of the star.

All people on earth would be pleased to spend time with those whom they consider sexually attractive, rather than with an unattractive person. When an actor brings sexuality to his work, this makes both the actor and his character desirable and therefore makes the audience want to see him again and again.

8. Bring risk to your acting.

Do not be completely reliable and safe. The audience is more satisfied with the actor who makes fearless decisions. The bottom line is fear is the antithesis of art.

9. Greatness in the details.

Extensive work is required to create details. But, if we duplicate the real behavior of a person, we must duplicate the complex nature of human life.

10. Get a strong work ethic.

Success in any business takes time and work. Laziness is for losers. Only those actors who work very hard on the analysis of the script, rehearse a lot and do not spare the time to create a real, three-dimensional person are the real winners. This is the accepted truth.

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