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Recommended! 5 Luxury Hotels in Nusa Lembongan!

It is the end of the year! It is when everyone seems to prepare for something fun such as a vacation! One very beautiful place to explore is Nusa Lembongan. There are a lot of destination and activities to go such as the Broken Sea, Bali Underwater Scooter, Quicksilver Cruise, Jungut Batu Beach (https://www.preferencehotels.com/en-us/Tamarind) and many more.

One thing to be well-prepared before going there is booking a hotel. It is something that every traveler must prepare really soon. Here, I try to give you 5 recommended luxury hotel in Nusa Lembongan to help you prepare.

1. Sadeg Lembongan

This hotel is perfect for you who love the beach so much. It is because this hotel is near the beach. The view is perfect and you can relax and totally enjoy your holiday. Then, one special thing about this place is the infinity pool. When you are swimming in this pool, you feel like you are already in the beach because it is infinity. You get that right?

2. Le Pirate Beach Club

This hotel is kind of different than the first one. It is not as luxury as the first one especially in price. However, I think that I need to add this hotel in this list because it is luxury at the atmosphere, architect and else. This hotel does not have many rooms so make sure that you book it very soon.

3. Dream Beach Hut

Another paradise in Lembongan. When you decide to staycation here, you may be not willing to go outside because it is so cozy in here. This hotel also has the infinity pool which is the best ever. If someday you do not have a chance to book the room here, in case it is full-booked, you can only pay Rp50.000,00 for swimming at the infinity pool. Nice offer, right?

4. Poh Manis Lembongan

If the 3 hotels I recommend above is near the beach, Poh Manis Lembongan is a different story. It is at the top of the hill and it is far away from the sea. So, it is the best offer for you who loves hill instead of beach. But don’t worry, there is also a nice swimming pool at the hotel.

So, which one of Nusa Lembongan hotel (https://www.preferencehotels.com/en-us/Tamarind) above that catch your intention? Is it the hotel with the best infinity pool or the hotel on the top of the hill? Both are perfect though!

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