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Veronika Bonell - Biography and Facts

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September 23, 2001

Important Things about Veronika Bonell Biography and Filmography

Veronika Bonell biography and filmography can be found here. As we all know, Veronika Bonell is a young and beautiful American actress. Her pretty face appears in quite a lot of movies and TV shows in these past few years. To know better about her, you can read her biography and filmography. Well, Veronika Bonell's biography is shown down below. You can find out everything about her, including Bonell's birthday, Bonell"s Instagram and the name of her partner.

Detailed Information about Veronika Bonell Biography and Filmography

Veronika Bonell is an American actress. She was born in Thousand Oaks, California, on September 23rd, 2001. She is now 17 years old. She holds American citizenship and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Veronika's zodiac sign is Libra. She is 5 feet 2 inch (1.61 tall) and weighed about 110 lbs (50 kg). She is a natural blond and her eye color is hazel.

Moreover, a very few information is available related to her family. Her parents are believed to be a native Californian. She has an older brother. His name is Jason Bonell. He works in the film industry as well and has been acting in several movies, including in Cry Baby (2014) and Aggregate (2017).

For education information, she is believed to be homeschooled since the very beginning of her formal education. There is no record or leaked information about the schools she has been attending. If she does attend a regular school, whether it is a public school or private school, Bonell should have been in her final year of high school.

Now, let's move to her career and filmography. Bonell started acting at age 11, approximately in 2012 or earlier. She becomes a household name after starring in the movie "Jimmy's Jungle" as Aurora. In that movie, she acted along exotic animals, including white lions. Her face becomes even more popular after she starred in "Agent Carter" as young Dottie. She was praised for her flawless martial art and combat skills in that TV show. Here are some movies and TV shows where she appeared: A Tiger's Tail (2014) as Penelope, A Demon Within (2017) as Maddie, and Jimmy's Hubgle (2018) as Aurora. For prominent TV appearance, there are Modern Family (2013) as Touring Student and Agent Carter (2015) as 10 Year Old Dottie.

Unfortunately, Bonell is very private about her romantic relationship. The young, beautiful actress is never caught being together with anyone. It is speculated that Veronika is still single to this day. For her social media accounts, she has two official Instagram accounts. If you are her fans, you can follow her account @veronikabonell. She often posts a photo of her there to 2,000+ followers. The other Instagram account she has is @veronika.mikulasek. The account is specified for her friends only. It means if you do not know the actress personally, you cannot follow it.

The information about Veronika Bonell above surely helps if you want to know more about her. By reading the Veronika Bonell biography and filmography, you can track her movies easier to watch her beautiful, talented acting. (gk)

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