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Max Charles - Biography and Facts



August 18, 2003

The Details of Max Charles Biography and Filmography

Max Charles biography and filmography consist of information regarding this teen actor. There is information that you may have known before, and it will be brought to you here. Have you known this young actor anyway? If you are not familiar, let’s get to know him closer to help you remember who he is. Well, this article will cover movies that he has starred so far. Moreover, we will talk about Max Charles biography, Max Charles birthdate, and Max Charles official Instagram account.

Let’s Sum Up All about Max Charles Biography and Filmography

Max Charles is only a teen. Yet, he is a talented actor. Born in 2003, he has appeared a lot in both television and film. This achievement is what makes him get all the fame. In addition, his acting is great indeed. Max is from Dayton, Ohio. Since his early age, he has starred various movies or TV films. The very first film that he starred was True Blood which was aired in 2010. This HBO series starred him in the third season.

Later, he appeared in various works such as Hot in Cleveland of TV Land, Jessie of Disney Channel series, Raising Hopes of Fox series, and Community of NBC series. Again in 2010, he also had a role in a television film entitled November Christmas. Next, in 2011, he starred Spooky Buddies in which it was a film that's direct-to-DVD.

Let’s move to the year 2012. Max Charles was doing great by keep appearing at several movies or television films. In the early of the year, he acted as Peezer in The Three Stooges. Other films that he starred at in that early year were White Space and Least Among Saints. If you are Spiderman lovers, you must have recognized that this actor is young Peter Parker in The Amazing Spiderman. In that movie, the adult Peter Parker was played by Andrew Garfield.

Moreover, Max Charles is not only good at playing a role in movies or television films, but he is also good in voicing animation roles. Back then, he voiced a character in Nickelodeon series entitled Harvey Breaks. Nowadays, he voices a character named Kion in The Lion Guard of Disney Junior series. He still has a list of voice role that he has done so far, so it is not only those two roles mentioned before.

For your information, it was incidental how he was cast for a role back then. Charles has 4 brothers. At that time, one of his brothers was asked to audition. Charles accompanied his brother after his mother allowed him to do so. In that occasion, he was hired for a role and it was his very first acting role.

As seen above, Max Charles biography and filmography is such a long list. There are still many movies and television films that he has starred so far. Again, he also voiced several roles for different series. If you wish to catch up with his life, go to his Instagram account @maxcharles1. Until now, there is no information and rumor about his dating. (gk)