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Kaitlyn Dever - Biography and Facts



December 21, 1996

What to Know about Kaitlyn Dever Biography and Filmography

Having been named as one of the most potential actresses to watch, the star of Last Man Standing, Kaitlyn Dever has been becoming the most upcoming youthful actress within the Hollywood film industry. Well, Kaitlyn Dever biography and filmography should be checked to know her more.

She is considered one of the most potential young actresses to keep on. As her role in some TV programs, she gained popularity. She starred on numerous famous television programs, such as FOX in 2018, the Last Man Standing ABC in 2011 to 2017, Justified as Loretta McCready, and her breakthrough in An American Girl as Gwen Thompson. Below, you will find out about Kaitlyn Dever birthdate, Kaitlyn Dever Instagram account, Kaitlyn Dever career, and her personal life.

Kaitlyn Dever Biography and Filmography Breakthrough

Dever was born to Tim Dever and Kathy Dever in Phoenix, in the state of Arizona. She was born on 21 December 1996. When she was 5 years old, she has much awareness in performing arts. Knowing this, her parents sent her to study at an acting school. Besides acting, she also had an interest in skating, ballet and also gymnastics. However, she decided to focus on performing only. At the age of 9, her family moved to Texas, mainly in Dallas. Her family then sent her to Dallas Young Actors Studio. Before moving out to Los Angeles to chase her acting career, she reserved numerous commercials to hone the acting skills.

First outstanding role of Dever was in American Girl film in 2009 where she played as Gwen Thompson. Kaitlyn was auditioned as Loretta McCready in 2011 for Justified’s second show. The show was broadcasted by ABC. In the same year, she was also auditioned for the Last Man Standing along with Tim Allen.

Other television programs Dever was in include Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Mentalist, Private Practice, Modern Family, Make it or Break it and Party Down. In 2011, she also took part in several movies like J. Edgar, Bad Teacher and Cinema Verite. For your information, J. Edgar was directed by a famous Hollywood director, Clint Eastwood. She was nominated at Young Artist Award for supporting roles she made in Last Man Standing and Bad Teacher as well as her returning role in Justified. Kaitlyn made her appearance in importantly acclaimed movies Short Term 12 and The Spectacular Now. Her role in Short Term 12 film acclaim critics extensively.

As time goes by, Dever has an Instagram account to make her getting close with fans. You can check her account @KaitlynDever to know everything she does along with her daily updates. Apart from her acting career, many people are also curious about her love life. She is maybe single at the moment, but it will not unused her with romantic hook up rumors too. She was ever rumored with Ansel Elgort. Nonetheless, they are just good friends as Ansel dates Violetta Komysan.

In spite of being so youngish, the actress has attained loads. In her short period of career, she has supervised to gain million dollars inside the industry. That’s why Kaitlyn Dever biography and filmography shows how talented she is as a Hollywood actress. (gk)