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Alita: Battle Angel (2019) – Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

Battle Angel (2019) is a manga-based movie that will be released soon in February. Many people have waited for this movie. As known, this Kishiro’s manga is popular that makes James Cameron wants to produce its movie.

In addition, the movie making has been announced in 2003. Sadly, Cameron was busy back then, and it made him suspended the realization of this movie. After years of waiting, it is finally released soon. What will be presented in the movie? Let’s check them out.

alita battle angel 2019 latest movie synopsis and official trailer
Alita: Battle Angel - movie synopsis and trailer

All the Things You Need to Know about Battle Angel (2019)

As a director for Battle Angel (2019), Robert Rodriguez had been introduced to the public in 2016. In the following month, Rosa Salazar was chosen to be the main cast. She is supported by Jennifer Connelly, Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Alim Jackie Earle Haley, Ed Skrein, and Keean Johnson.

The main cast, Salazar, will be the title cyborg who will fight against a number of villains. As seen there, this is about a young woman who is trying to find out who she is. As mentioned before, the story is also about her fight that aims to change the world.

The background of the story takes place in the 26th century. In the movie, there is a major war that leads to a societal collapse. 300 years later is where the story takes place. The society in this era is depicted as a technological dark age. The technology has been very far from we are right now. At that age, cyborg technology is very common to see.

Battle Angel (2019) shows how people are augmented to workers. Indeed, being a cyborg is just common. As mentioned earlier, the main cast is a young-woman cyborg. Although she has a human brain that is an organic one, her body is completely artificial. Additionally, she has no memories of her in the past.

The name of the young-woman cyborg is Alita. It is shown that Alita awakens with no clue who and where she is. She awakens in the future world that she does not recognize at all. Dr. Ido is the one who finds Alita he is trolling around for cyborg parts. The truth is, he knows the past life of Alita’s, but he tries to cover it.

Hugo comes as a friend of Alita that is smart enough that he tries to help her get back her memories. In the Battle Angel (2019), this young-woman cyborg is run after by the corrupt and deadly forces. It leads new clue for her regarding her past. What’s good in Alita is her fighting abilities. Those are unique and it can actually help her to protect her loved ones.

There is good news for those who have waited for this movie, Battle Angel (2019). It is planned to release on February 14th, 2019. It is a final date after its delay. It was initially released in 2018, but it was postponed months later. In order to wait for the movie in theatres, check the movie trailers here:

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