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The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) - Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

Knowing More about The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) Movie Synopsis and Trailer

Are you fans of fantasy adventure movie?

Then, you have to explore The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) movie synopsis and trailer before watching it in the cinema next year. It is rumored to release in early 2019. Millions of people are waiting for this Joe Cornish’s newest movie. Next year, 20th Century Fox is scheduled to release it on January 25 in the United States and February 15 in the United Kingdom. This studio collaborated with two famous film studios, Big Talk Productions, and Working Title Films. The movie itself tells about the adventure of an ordinary boy who destined to fight against villains.

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Review of The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) Movie Synopsis and Trailer

Alexander Elliot was also known as Alex is a young boy who is bullied at school as he does not cool at all. He thinks he is an insignificant person. However, everything changes when he discovers and then pulls a legendary sword belongs to King Arthur of England in Excalibur. Afterward, he realized that he is truly destined to shape the latest round-table on behalf of a forthcoming combat with Morgana, a wicked villain.

By this time, he has to unite all his friends along with the enemies into a group of knights. It also includes the famous wizard, Merlin (Stewart), and undertake evil enchantress, Morgana (Ferguson). Morgana calls upon malevolence forces on the way to rule the universe. Merlin (Angus Imrie) as a wizard helps Alex due to his mission. He was portrayed as a little Merlin within the movie but also equipped to transform into his old Merlin character.

This adventure movie succeeds to bring out the audience to feel the atmosphere of a real fight between the main cast alongside supporting roles. Joe Cornish as director and writer worked very well to bring the magic, adventure and also solidarity to the audience. Well, the movie began to filming on September 2017. The set took place in London. Furthermore, it is allegedly shot in Cornwall. Before watching the due date release, it’s better to know The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) movie synopsis and trailer first.

The movie is supported by talented and famous actors. Louis Ashbourne Serkis portrayed as Alexander Elliot who is called Alex. The character of Lance is portrayed by Tom Taylor. Rhianna Doris acted as Kaye, Dean Chaumoo as Bedders, Patrick Stewart and Angus Imrie as Merlin, Rebecca Ferguson as Morgan le Fay (Morgana), and Denise Gough as Mrs. Elliot.

The trailer is quite good to bring out the tense adventure. It is as stunning as you cannot predict what’s going to happen next. Just get ready for more strained experience when you are watching it. Based on The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) movie synopsis and trailer, some of the adventure movies fans are cannot wait to watch the full story. In a nutshell, a fantasy adventure movie is somewhat great as it can pump up your tension along with sophisticated effects which captured perfectly in the film.

Well, this is the official trailer of The Kid Who Would Be King:

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