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How to Promote a Movie on Social Media -- Strongly Recommended Methods

How do you use social media?

Generally, people waste their time scrolling up and down on their social media accounts. On the other side, social media can be a powerful weapon to promote something, including the movie. If you are a moviemaker and wish to market your work through social media, you should know how to promote a movie on social media.

Using social media at its most requires techniques and strategies to make your promotion effective. You might think many followers are enough for successful internet marketing. In fact, it is not. Many followers do not make a film popular, but your approach and promotion technique do. You need to know social media basics and principle—being narcissistic makes people annoyed. Instead of making the film popular, you will end up being an annoying people on their eyes.

Right Way on How to Promote a Movie on Social Media

Rather than posting the random trailer, posters or anything about your film on all social media, it will be much wiser to create a short hashtag and use across platforms. Make interaction with your followers like answer the questions and appreciate their comments. Below are tips on how to promote a movie on social media.

1. Make your voice

It is necessary to determine your marketing concept. It should match your film project. If your concern about comedy film, your posts should have a different tone to one promoting documentary. Be smart, friendly and funny to make your followers attracted to your upcoming posts.

2. Know what to post

Your content and frequency actually vary, depending on your film project. If you want to post fresh content, begin with posting filming process. Post some updates such as candid photos, short videos, or interviews with the actor. But you need to make sure the photos and videos should have high quality.

3. Be interactive

If you prefer using Facebook, you need to know how to promote a movie on Facebook. One thing to keep in mind, be interactive with people. Two-way communication builds a good relationship and it is a good sign for your promotion. Upload videos to the Facebook page rather than sharing from YouTube will attract more attention from other users.

4. Create your own channel

YouTube as a useful website to share videos can be an effective way to promote a movie. You should not miss this tool to share videos and trailers. How to promote a movie on social media YouTube? Create a channel for your work and let people see what you have posted. You can post the behind-the-scenes video as well as an interview to make people feel closer to the film. Adding a link to videos is also effective.

The opportunity to promote the film on social media is wide open. With the huge number of social media users worldwide, your films have a bigger chance to get recognized. However, your effort will be useless if you do not know how to promote a movie on social media.