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Submit a Biography to Wikipedia with Simple Step and Instructions

Who does not know Wikipedia?

One of the most popular sites accessed throughout the world provides any information that you need. Unexpectedly, most of the articles are on top of search engines.

Sometimes, you might also wonder how to submit a biography to Wikipedia and make it easily found by visitors. No need to be a popular person, you can also submit your own biography there.

how to submit my biography to wikipedia for free
How to submit a biography to Wikipedia?

Steps on How to Submit a Biography to Wikipedia

You used to know that Wikipedia only provides space for recognized people. You need to be a star, famous person, having huge discovery and many other achievements.

What if you do not have any of them but want to have your own biography on Wikipedia?

Well, there is always a way to make your biography appear on Wikipedia page. Even though it takes time, the result is worth trying.

So, how to submit a biography to Wikipedia in a short time?

Here are the instructions:

1. Start legit-sounding website

To appear on Wikipedia, first, you need to make your name out on Google as many as possible. You can get this by posting with your names on websites and blogs. You also need to build some fake websites and write about something of your interest. As your name increasingly appears on Google, the system will recognize your name.

2. Make a list of fake publications

This is more like making yourself important by exposing what you have done in life; surely, with a little bit of improvisation. The key point is making yourself having something special like discovering something or experiencing something extraordinary. For instance, you can simply make up the essay you ever wrote in high school.

3. Create a Wikipedia account

The next step of how to submit a biography to Wikipedia is making a Wikipedia account to look legitimate. If you do not have any Wikipedia account, your IP address will be flagged by the editors. Make an embellishment on your page. It is also important to distinguish your account to be recognizable.

4. Find Wikipedia editor

Wikipedia editors are not all professionals, some of them are hobbyists. Win their heart by commenting on their pages or another way.

5. Edit some Wikipedia articles

Rather than writing your own articles, it is strongly recommended to edit some articles written by famous people. Basic copyediting to some articles will be enough.

6. Get a template from the expert

To get it done, take articles related to the famous person on your interest. Use the template and you will also get the category tags.

7. You are ready to write

After all, now you can write your biography on Wikipedia. Use some interesting words to make your page worth reading.

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Those are some steps on how to submit a biography to Wikipedia. However, those steps sound long and complicated. If you are not sure to accomplish all of them, do not worry. Good for you, now you can submit and publish your biography for free on our website. Please submit >> HERE. (gk)

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