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Noah Jupe - Biography and Facts



February 25, 2005

Young Celebrity Noah Jupe Biography and Filmography

From television series to big-screen movies, this young man conquers it all. If you are a fan of Downtown Abbey, you should already recognize this boy from the series even with the very little amount of appearance in the series. To get to know him better, you can check Noah Jupe biography and filmography. We will also cover the biography of Noah Jupe, the birthdate of Noah Jupe, an Instagram account of Noah Jupe and his partner.

More about Noah Jupe Biography and Filmography

Noah Jupe is a young talented British actor who started acting since he was only ten years old. The boy was born on 25th February of 2005 in Islington, London. This actor had started his career in acting since 2015, or three years ago. This comes just as expected; being a child of a well-known filmmaker and a great actress. Yes, his father, Chris Jupe is a good filmmaker in the industry, while his mother Katy Cavanagh was entitled as one of the greatest among others.

With this fact, Noah eventually got introduced earlier than some of them in the industry and made his debut by appearing in the television series, Penny Dreadful. Following this, another opportunity came to him in the form of a television movie, A Song for Jenny. He played as a minor character, a young lad named William.

2016, and he got more and more opportunities to star in various television series and movies before he eventually lands to a big-screen role. The name is The Man with the Iron Heart, it was released in 2017 where Noah was assigned the role of Ata Moravek. He acted together with Jason Clarke as well as Rosamund Pike in the movie

Other than this, he also made his appearance in multiple other movies in the same years. If the first movie is based on a biography with slight action and thriller in it, the other three have drama with a minor crime, mystery, and family as their respective genre. In That Good Night, Noah played as Ronaldo and in Suburbicon, Noah played as Nickey. Whereas in Wonder, a movie based on The NYTimes bestseller, Noah played the role of Jack Will.

With all those projects, directors started to take notice of him and more roles were assigned to him. Just look at the list of movies that he is being featured on this year alone. From My Pretty Pony to A Quiet Place, the list obviously shows how talented the young boy is in the acting field.

That’s it. He is still a teenager so don’t expect more about his love life or so. Besides, there is no girlfriend or partner in the sight either. Well, that’s all about Noah Jupe biography and filmography. Information about his education history is yet to be disclosed. However, if you are interested in his personal life, check him out in his various social media account. One of them is Instagram, @noahjupe. He sometimes drops an update about his activity with closest people. (gk)