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Clint Eastwood Biography and Filmography

Clint Eastwood Biography and Filmography—Long Journey to Achieve Success

Clint Eastwood is a senior American actor who has a long list of works and achievements. He is also a filmmaker, political figure as well as a musician. Gaining popularity after starring Rawhide—Western TV series, he went international and starred many other films since then. Get to know the long journey of this stunning actor through Clint Eastwood biography and filmography. It will also describe the biography of Clint Eastwood, Clint Eastwood birthdate, Clint Eastwood Instagram account, and his personal life.

Summary of Clint Eastwood Biography and Filmography

Clint Eastwood was born in San Fransisco, California on May 31, 1930. He is a son to Clint Eastwood Senior and Ruth Wood. He also has a younger sister named Jeanne Bernhardt. Settled in wealthy residence, Clint Eastwood’s childhood was so extravagant. He went to Piedmont Middle School and it seemed he did not get the satisfying achievement at school.

Well, before joining the entertainment business, Eastwood had several jobs including grocery clerk, lifeguard, forest firefighter, and caddy. He also ever drafted to US Army during Korean War. Having a challenging life story, fortune came to him in around 1950. CBS released an announcement that Rawhide film process would be conducted in Fort Ord, the same location where Eastwood worked. The enterprising assistant found Eastwood. After a long story, this lucky man came to Hollywood and arranged a contract in 1954.

Eastwood also joined his first audition even though he was rejected for many times. His struggle to achieve fame did not stop there. After playing a minor role in some films, he kept doing what he wanted to do. He then changed talent agencies in 1956. He got some small roles in shows such as West Point, Death Valley Days, and Maverick. He also got a minor role in Lafayette Escadrille.

In 1958 seemed to be the turning point of Eastwood career. He was cast for CBS as Rowdy Yates, a major role in Rawhide. Even though he did not really happy with the character, the fact that this series reached top 20 on TV ratings brought him into the top of popularity. In 1963, Eastwood then decided to direct several trailers.

In the same year, he got play a role as a cowboy in A Fistful of Dollars movie. The film reached success and made him a major star, making him rehired for another movie For a Few Dollars More.

From a personal side, Eastwood has serious relationships with several women. Before marrying Maggie Johnson, he allegedly had an affair which resulted in a child. After marriage, he continued his affair including a relationship with Roxanne Tunis that gave him a daughter. Eastwood and Maggie Johnson finally divorced. The guy continued his life and started living with Sondra Locke in 1975. Moreover, he married Dina Ruiz in 1996 as his second marriage.

Unfortunately, there is no official Instagram account of Clint Eastwood. You cannot say anything about it because Clint Eastwood is somehow too old for such a thing. This is all about Clint Eastwood biography and filmography to know. (gk)