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Alyson Stoner - Biography and Facts



August 11, 1993

The Interesting Part of Alyson Stoner Biography and Filmography

If you are a loyal audience of the sitcom The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, you must have heard the name, Alyson Stoner. Even though it's been far behind her time, Alyson Stoner was able to survive in the entertainment industry, especially with her exceptional skills of dancing, singing, and modeling. That's alone enough to make us wonder what would be Alyson stoner Biography and filmography be like, including Alyson Stoner birthday date, Alyson Stoner Instagram account, and Alyson Stoner love life.

The Earlier Part of Alyson Stoner Biography and Filmography

On August 11, 1993, Alyson Stoner was born to a small family of LuAnne Hodges and Charlie Stoner, in Ohio. As a child, Stoner became hyperactive where she participated in a lot of activities. Besides attending Maumee Valley Country Day School, she also took dance lessons at O'Connell's Dance Studio.

Besides, she participated in modeling classes at Margaret O'Brien Modeling Studio which led her to win the Best Model of the Year in New York modeling competition in 2000.

In 2001, she was invited to be a co-host of Michael Alan Johnson at Mike's Super Short Show. Two years later, she starred in her first debut film, Cheaper by the Dozen and the sequel to Hilary Duff. Having an identity as a teen star, she acted in various TV shows, such as That’s So Raven, Drake & Josh, and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Even though she has acted in various movies and TV series, her dancer's soul still cannot be eliminated. She was finally able to let go of her passion in Step Up, along with Channing Tatum. Since she appeared on Disney Channel, she finally played various Disney Channel Original movies, one of which was Camp Rock. Unexpectedly, the film received a lot of criticism, because her score and role were too little, and she should appear as the main character. The criticism was finally implemented in the next film, Alice Upside Down. Besides appearing in it, Stoner sang two original soundtracks from Alice Upside Down entitled Free Spirit and Lost and Found.

In 2010, she again played her role Step Up 3D. She also appeared in a sequel from Camp Rock, where she got a sufficient screen time and a portion of the role.

In addition, behind her acting life, Stoner turned out to devote herself to teach various kinds of dance at the Millennium Dance Complex. There, she was named the youngest master class teacher. She also became a dance editor of KEWL magazine. She turned out to be the Starlight Children's Foundation ambassador by StarPower as well.

What's more interesting from Alyson Stoner is her interest in both sexes (bisexual). As a result of her statement, she got a lot of scorn, but she still tried hard. Until now, Alyson Stoner is still not rumored to be close to anyone. You can find her on @alysonstoner. That is the end of Alyson Stoner Biography and filmography; hopefully, you can learn something from her hyperactive and attractive personalities. (gk)