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Alex Wolff - Biography and Facts



November 9, 1997

Alex Wolff Biography and Filmography, the Young Promising Actor

Hollywood never lacks young talents with a variety of skills under their belts. Alex Wolff is definitely one of these talents. He is not only an accomplished actor. The young man is also very interested in music and has an extensive discography to prove that. No wonder that people, especially the younger ones, are idolizing him. We are going to learn more about this actor through Alex Wolff biography and filmography.

In this article, you will find out Alex Wolff biography, Alex Wolff birthdate, Alex Wolff Instagram account handle, and Alex Wolff partner. This will certainly help you getting to know this actor better and going excited to see his future projects.

Alex Wolff Biography and Filmography Trivial Details

Wolff was born as Alexander Draper Wolff in Manhattan, New York on 9 November 1997. His artistic tendency probably has something to do with his family background. His father, Michael Wolff, is a pianist with interest in jazz. Meanwhile, Wolff’s mother is an actress, as well as writer and director, who has won several awards throughout her career. He has an older sibling, Nat, who is also working in acting and music.

His entrance to film industry began at age six. He starred in a Nickelodeon movie called The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie which was directed by his mother. Since then he has acted in many movies and diverse genres. He took part in Coming Through the Rye, The House of Tomorrow, and Hereditary. In addition to movies, he also acted in television series like Mr. Troop Mom and In Treatment. He is making a debut as a movie director in a production titled The Cat and the Moon.

For his accomplishment in movies, Wolff has received numerous accolades. At Hamptons International Film Festival in 2005, he got Audience Award for a Family Feature Film. He was also nominated for Young Artist Award for two years in a row. This young actor even received Certificate of Outstanding Achievement for Best Actor during Brooklyn International Film Festival.

Wolff and his brother form a music duo, Nat and Alex Wolff in 2004. The group tackles pop rock and indie genres. They have released several albums throughout their career; some of them were produced by their father. Black Sheep and Public Places are among the group’s album collections. They have also produced singles and toured around the United States to promote their music.

The actor has been involved with several girls. She dated Ashley Joel for about a year from 2009 to 2010. He is also known to have dated Claudia Yuen. Wolff is not as vocal about the person he is dating. However, he once revealed to be in a relationship with someone.

Wolff handles two Instagram accounts. The first one is a joint account with his brother, @natandalex. The second one is his personal account. You can check newest updates of Alex Wolff biography and filmography at @alexwolffofficial. The actor regularly posts his latest projects and invites his followers to see a glimpse of his exciting daily life. (gk)