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The Nun (2018) - Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

The Nun Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer: Find All You Need to Know Here!

Big fan of horror movie must be anticipating the release date of The Nun movie. It is not surprising The Nun movie synopsis and official trailer are spread in many websites. Before, The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 have succeeded to thrill millions of people throughout the world by the character Valak. Not to mention the spin-off, Annabelle, also got the attention of horror movie fans. This year, Warner Bross and New Line Cinema are scheduled to release another spin-off entitled The Nun. This movie tells about the history and the past of Valak (demon Nun).

Summarized the Nun Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

The Nun movie (2018) took place many years ago in a cloistered abbey in Romania. The story begins when a young nun mysteriously lost her life at the suburban abbey in Romania. To investigate this case, a novitiate and a priest are sent by the Vatican to the abbey. The dead Nun who was then known as Valak left a big mystery that makes both investigators have to sacrifice their lives, faith, and souls.

The priest and the novitiate have to confront a force in a form of demon nun that terrorized in The Conjuring 2. They have to struggle from demon terror and make the abbey a horrific battleground. The audiences are going to freak out and jump out of their seats for it has horrified scenes especially when the demon nun comes to her appearance. You cannot even help to scream when watching The Nun movie synopsis and official trailer.

The thrilling movie cannot be separated from the good work of crews. James Wan and Peter Safran as a producer have been working really well to bring the fear, terror, and horror to their audiences—and they did. The storywriters also successfully take the audience into the movie, feeling like they are in the scene.

In addition, the casts perform extraordinarily that they bring the character into life. The casts include some big names such as Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene, Bonnie Aarons as the nun/ Valak, Demian Bichir as the father, Charlotte Hope as Sister Victoria, Johny Coyne as Gregoro and other talented casts.

Demian Bichir who starred Father Burke is an actor who is nominated in Oscar. The film shooting was begun since May 2017 in Bucharest, Romania. Castel Film Studio was chosen as the best place for the shooting process.

If you ever watched the trailer, it is enough to bring you goosebumps. The trailer is so good that you can predict how horrible the terror it has. Nevertheless, the movie from New Line Cinema has been released in July 2018 that you can watch the whole movie for the more spooky experience.

Based on The Nun movie synopsis and official trailer, some people stated that this movie exceeds their expectation for it has an unpredictable story and horrifying scenes. In short, the horror movie is somewhat fun as it gives adrenaline rush and The Nun is no exception. Be ready to freak out and the demon nun terrors your whole night. Well, this is the official trailer of the Nun for you.