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Final Score (2018) - Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

The Breathtaking Final Score Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

Action films will never be hated by the general audience. The amalgamation of explosions, shootings, and fast-paced fighting increase the audience’s adrenaline. These elements seemed to cover the shortcomings of story complexity and the deep character possessed by the mainstream action movie. This time, we will discuss one of the action movies that will come out this year, titled Final Score. Here are the final score movie synopsis and official trailer.

A Little Bit about Final Score Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

Final Score has simple and "shallow" plots. It tells the story of Michael Knox, (Dave Bautista) an ex-military soldier who was enjoying a football match at a stadium with his nephew and his friend's child. Everything is going well until after a while, things did not go too well.

The football match was apparently hijacked by a group of terrorists led by Dimitri (played by Pierce Brosnan). And what's worse, Knox's niece was made one of the hostages by terrorists. Michael Knox had no choice but to use his military skills to save his nephew and paralyze the terrorist ranks down to its core. The great battle between the strong Michael Knox with smart-planned Dimitri is inevitable. Will Knox succeed in saving his nephew from the terrorist's grip?

Final Score directed by Scott Mann. Mann is famous for films which also contain elements of "smart strategic action", say Heist and The Tournament. Mann was also assisted by Jonathan Frank who co-wrote the screenplay for The Tournament and Heist, as well as the famous The Brothers Lynch (David T. and Keith) known for Dual and Trial.

Besides the intelligent brains behind the screen, the casts of Final Scores are also an All-Star in the world of action, like Dave Bautista who is famous as Drax in The Guardian Of The Galaxy Vol I and II, and Pierce Brosnan who had served as James Bond for several years. The battle of the two pop icons of action world seems to be a separate selling point.

Although it has just issued an Official Trailer, there are some mixed reviews related to final score movie synopsis and official trailer, where some say the film is interesting because of the presence of Bautista and Brosnan, but there are also those who feel a little "saturation" related to the story of Final Score. They feel that the core story of this film is too duplicating the genre of action films. But in spite of that, the popularity of the Final Score increases every day.

Regarding distribution differences, the Final Score is scheduled to premiere in the UK on 7 September 2018, then a week later in the US and theaters around the world on 14 September 2018. On the latter release date, Saban Films as the responsible party of the Final Score distribution will also issue a Video On Demand (VOD) version on several streaming services that collaborate with them.