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Submit Short Film Free, the First Step for World Recognition

Making a film needs tireless effort, gaining some appreciation for your creation does not sound too much. While you have to compete with thousands of other people out there, getting such recognition is somewhat difficult. However, you can always find ways. Submit short film free becomes an effective way to publish your film, allowing people to recognize your existence. Besides, submitting your creation to certain websites makes your short film reachable.

how to submit and promote a short film free on the internet online
Submit short film for free

A few years ago, you did not have many options when it comes to uploading your short film. Some websites offer submit short film online feature. The options are YouTube and Vimeo which allow you to upload the short film and watch it for free. As the time goes by, there are more options to choose from today. Not only providing a channel, some websites also offer licensing and acquisition free. In short, the more people like your video, the more money you will get. In fact, there are some things that you need to know before publishing your short film.

Things to Consider When Submit Short Film Free

Imagine you already found a sales agent and were about to sign the contract. You need a little advice before deciding to join the company. Here are some things to consider before you submit short film free whether in website channel or in sales agent.

1. Understand the contract

In case you find a sales agent, you need to sign a contract before submitting your short film. Meanwhile, each company has various compensation policies. Therefore, make sure you read and understand each part written on the contract. Right after you sign, there is no way back. Submitting your short film to sales agent means they get the copyright to distribute the film. In another word, you already lose your creation until the contract lasts.

As you cannot post any piece of your short film, it could be disturbing. However, if you have no problem with the policy, you can keep moving on. As for suggestions, choosing short and non-exclusive contract is recommended that you can maximize the potential of your film. Even though you probably do not earn a lot of money from it, the publication is more important.

2. Explore Indie film market

Indie film market always opens for a creative filmmaker like you. It always has a place for people with new and fresh ideas. The indie market also becomes the perfect place for a professional filmmaker to find talented people. There are actually many choices of Indie film market such as NoBudge, Short of The Week, and Seed&Spark. Try to submit short film free to those Indie market and wait to be found.

In conclusion, being recognized by public needs endless effort. With strict competition among amateur short filmmakers, you need to show your existence. In case you need to submit a short film free through online websites, ensure yourself to choose good and interesting websites which have many viewers. Fortunately, now you can submit and publish film for free on our website, whether web series, short movie, and others. Please submit >> HERE.

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