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Sterling Knight - Biography and Facts



March 5, 1989

Sterling Knight Biography and Filmography, the Story of Young Disney Star

If you are a loyal viewer of Disney Channel, surely you have heard the melodious voice of Sterling Knight. He began his career at a young age, playing a role in various television series on Disney Channel. Now, he has grown up, and Sterling Knight Biography and filmography also developed along with his life's journey.

This time, we will discuss all Sterling Knight. Besides about filmography and daily activities, there will also be a complete biography of Sterling Knight, containing the date of birth, current partner, and even his Instagram.

Initial Part of Sterling Knight Biography and Filmography

On March 5, 1989, a boy named Sterling Sandmann Knight was born in South Carolina. He was also accompanied by his sister, Samantha Scarlett, and brother, Spencer Shuga. Soon, his family finally decided to move to Houston, Texas. Since then, his acting career became smoother.

The interesting part of Sterling Knight Biography and filmography begin at the age of 10 when his acting talent had begun to appear. At that time, he attended various kinds of theater play at his school. He even acted in a big film titled 17 Again, where he appeared as Alex O’Donnell. After that, Sterling Knight took another role in a television series called Mackenzie Falls in 2009. In the same year, he returned to acting together with Demi Lovato, in the movie Sonny with a Chance.

Sterling Knight's first career with Disney Channel was when he performed at Hannah Montana as Lily’s boyfriend. After that, his career felt even brighter. This was proven by his return on a Disney Channel Movie entitled Starstruck in 2010 alongside Danielle Campbell and Maggie Castle. Besides acting, his golden voice was also shown in this film. As the result, Starstruck became the highest rated film on Disney Channel. In the following year, Sterling Knight again played a role in Sonny with a Chance's spinoff, So Random! where he performed various impressions, such as Lord Voldemort, Jacob Black, even Justin Bieber.

In 2012, Sterling Knight Biography and filmography keep getting better. His role choice also shows his progress as an actor. This is proven by his acting in Transit, an action thriller film with Elizabeth Rohm. Moreover, Sterling Knight honed his role again in the action crime film called Landmine Goes Click. Although you could say he was a new player in the genre, he still managed to play the role well. So good, he even won the Best Male Lead award at Monster Fest.

Sterling Knight's latest film is The Man from Earth: Holocene in 2017. In this Science-Fiction/Drama film, he plays Phillip, one of four students investigating their anti-aging teacher. In this film, he acted with David Lee Smith, Brittany Curran, and also William Katt.

Sterling Knight Biography and filmography keep getting interesting every time. Even though his life was wallowing in wealth and fame, Sterling Knight still had no partner. He is still busy filming television series and movies. When there is free time, he prefers to spend it exercising, playing music, and communicating with his fans through his Instagram account at @realsterling. (gk)