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Some Most Popular Categories of Oscars / Academy Awards

If you enjoy watching movies, it is most likely that you have heard about Oscars / Academy Awards. This set of awards is very popular and the ceremony is widely broadcaster annually. Many moviemakers are competing to receive the awards by producing their best works.

These awards are considered the most prestigious ones in the film industry. This ceremony is known to be the oldest award in the entertainment industry. Every year, the public is looking forward to finding out who will be receiving the awards. Let’s find out more about some of the award categories in the next part.

Categories of Oscars / Academy Awards That People Look Forward to

In 2018 ceremony, there are twenty-five categories being awarded to the artists. The list below is going to show you some of the most well-known categories. This list will include definitions and all about that.

1. Best Actor in a Leading Role Category

This is definitely one of the most popular Oscars / Academy Awards categories. It has been awarded since the first award ceremony. This one is given to a male actor who is thought to have given his best performance in a movie project. Every year, there will be five actors who will receive nominations to this award. The only one will come out on top after deliberation from expert panel and voting process.

2. Best Actress in a Leading Role Category

Similar with Best Actor in Leading Role, this category has existed since the first time ceremony was held. It is given to a female actress who has given a memorable performance in a movie. Janet Gaynor is the first recipient of this category. Five actresses will be nominated with only one who is going to receive the title.

3. Best Director Category

Best Director is without a doubt one of the most important categories. This honor is awarded to a movie director who has shown great directing capability in a specific movie. A director can be nominated more than once for different projects. John Ford is known as a director who had received the most wins in this category; four awards throughout his career.

4. Best Picture Category

This is among the Oscars / Academy Awards category that audiences highly anticipate. It is always announced at the end of the ceremony. This is given to a film production that shows the best craftsmanship. Producer of the movie will receive this award during the ceremony. Usually, there are five to ten films which nominated for this. There are several critics in this category, including the lack of non-English productions among nominees.

5. Best Cinematography Category

Every year, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) gives an award to the cinematographer who has shown their best work in a film production. Leon Shamroy and Joseph Ruttenberg are known to be cinematographers who received the most wins of this particular award; four wins in total.

There are many other categories of Oscars / Academy Awards. However, those categories above are definitely what people are waiting for every year. These awards propel everyone in the film industry to deliver their best effort. (gk)