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Saoirse Ronan - Biography and Facts


Irish - American

April 12, 1994

Take a Look at Saoirse Ronan Biography and Filmography

For movie lovers, who do not know about Lady Bird, Brooklyn or maybe Hanna? All these phenomenal films have one thing in common. Yes, it's the presence of a beautiful actress named Saoirse Ronan. This sweet-faced woman is an American actress who has starred in dozens of high-quality film titles. Besides her pretty face, Saoirse Ronan Biography and filmography are also interesting to take a look at.

In addition, there will also be explained about the biography, the date of birth, Instagram account, and the spouse of Saoirse Ronan. Therefore, this article will provide a detailed description of all about Saoirse Ronan and her achievements.

Dig Deeper about Saoirse Ronan Biography and Filmography

Saoirse Ronan is an American actress born on April 12 1994 and is the son of Paul Ronan and Monica Ronan. Although her native land is in New York, America, she has a fairly thick British accent. This is because Saoirse Ronan's childhood was spent in her parent’s homeland, Ireland. Even up to this point, she stayed in Ireland and received two citizenships, America and Ireland.

Although she is quite young (24 years old), Saoirse Ronan Biography and movies are looking good. She has starred in many high-quality movies, such as Atonement, The Host, Arriety, and most recently Lady Bird. It was those series of films that eventually led her to various awards that she achieved, such as the Golden Globe, British Academy Film Awards, Screen Actors Guild, and even the Academy Awards.

As a result of her role in Lady Bird, Saoirse Ronan was finally glanced at by various casting directors, until she finally played on On Chesil Beach, The Seagull, and the latest was Mary Queen Of Scots where she performed with Margot Robbie. Moreover, Saoirse Ronan also officially leveled up by playing in Little Women, a drama film that also stars A-class film stars such as Meryl Streep and Emma Stone.

Not only did she play nicely in the film, Ronan also briefly appeared in a Broadway drama play called The Crucible, where she took the lead role named Abigail Williams, a woman who was responsible for witchcraft slander, which took the lives of 150 people. The drama play is performed for 125 times, and each time, she is praised for her "cold and bossy" character.

Behind the interesting fact about Saoirse Ronan Biography and movies, she also has a soft heart. This is proven by her election as an ambassador of anti-child violence by the Irish Society. Unfortunately, Ronan does not have an Instagram account, and a sense of her very young age, Ronan also still do not have a love partner. She now lives happily with her parents in Ireland.

That's a whole lot of Saoirse Ronan Biography and filmography. Her presence in the field of film is considered as a fresh air for the film industry that's getting mainstream every time. Hopefully, she can continue to take on other challenging and unorthodox roles, just like in her previous films. (gk)