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Noah Crawford - Biography and Facts

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October 13, 1994

Noah Crawford Biography and Filmography Brief Review

Are you a big fan of Noah Crawford?

Then you know many things about this American singer and actor. However, you probably do not know that much before finding out Noah Crawford biography and filmography. This talented actor was first known for his appearance in Nickelodeon sitcom. Since then, his career was rocketing until today. You are about to figure out the biography, Instagram account, personal life and other information about Noah Crawford. Don’t miss it!

Get to Know Noah Crawford Biography and Filmography

Noah Crawford was born on 13th October 1994 in Oklahoma City. He is the second child of Rich and Jennifer Crawford. Noah has one older sister, Lindsey, who lives in Norman with her husband and daughter. Noah also has three younger sisters named Hannah, Olivia, and Bella. Having parents who run a pet sales business, Noah was not interested to join the business. He had a big dream to be an actor. To pursue his dream, the young boy went to the acting lesson in Oklahoma since he was 5.

Noah Crawford biography and filmography went more interesting when he started his debut in entertainment in 2005. Appeared as Young Earl in Nickelodeon sitcom entitled My Name Is Earl, Noah started his first step to catch his dream. He joined the sitcom for 4 years until 2009. Meanwhile, he also started a series entitled Abe and Bruno (2006) as Shawn. Since then, he has more series to stars such as Happy Holidays (2008), Land of the Lost (2009), How to Rock (2012), Swindle (2013), The Real O'Neals (2016) and other series that cannot be mentioned.

About awards and nominations, the young actor and singer ever nominated as Recurring Young Actor in Young Artist Award. He was nominated for his appearance in My Name Is Earl in 2007. Unfortunately, he did not win the award.

Do you wish to know more about Noah Crawford? The young kid who turned out to be a manly figure has many followers in his Instagram account. He is noted to have more than 37K followers and still counting. Apparently, he is not really interested to satisfy his fans through Instagram feeds because you cannot find many photo updates from Noah. The last update was in July 2018 where he seemed to practice shooting.

From his Instagram account, you will figure out that Noah Crawford is now becoming a writer as well. He is such a talented person with his various activities aside from singing and acting. How about the love life of Noah? The 24-year old actor has some pictures of his girlfriend who was known as Hayley Ogas. You can find out that they have a special relationship from the Instagram account of both.

What comes up your mind after reading this Noah Crawford biography and filmography? Do you still think you are a big fan of Noah Crawford? Even though he seemed to change his focus, it is never wrong to wait for his other masterpiece. With many fans out there, surely Noah will not let you wait for anything. (gk)

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