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Maniac (2018) - Synopsis and Official Trailer

Look Into Your Deepest Dreams in Maniac Synopsis and Official Trailer

"Simple in the story but strong in execution", maybe the right tagline for Maniac. The latest TV series released by Netflix has just released a surprising, and unorthodox teaser trailer. To discuss more the subject matter of this series, let's look further at Maniac synopsis and official trailer.

read lates maniac synopsis and watch official trailer 2018
Maniac 2018 synopsis and official trailer

The Basis of Maniac Synopsis and Official Trailer

Although the teaser trailer contained various colorful flashing images, the plot point was considered quite simple yet shocking. Maniac tells the story of two people named Owen Milgrim and Annie Landsberg who volunteered to be trial patients of a drug. It's claimed to be able to "permanently release them from the trouble in their life". However, before consuming the drug, they both had to do a series of fit and proper tests, both physically and mentally. These series of tests will later be used as evaluations regarding the drugs they consume.

Obviously, this kind of drug is "too good to be true" and the side effect is prone to slide on "lethal". However, Dr. James K. Mantleray as the head of this drug test operation hides all these risks to the two test subjects and his boss, Dr. Greta Mantleray.

Even so, there is someone who feels sympathetic for the two test subjects. He is Dr. Fujita, an assistant from Dr. James K. Mantleray. Dr. Fujita tried hard to work under the hand of Dr. James Mantleray to warn Milgrim and Landsberg about the drug's danger while reporting the unnatural behavior of Dr. James Mantleray to his boss, Dr. Greta Mantleray. From Dr. Fujita, there lies a hidden conflict between these characters.

The main focus of Maniac synopsis and official trailer is about how the drug works. All procedures, including pre-operation and post-operation, will be aired in all episodes. One scene shows where Annie Landsberg conducted an interview related to the "psychological pain" she had experienced so far. It included the greatest trauma, sadness, and regret from her life. The point of this drug is to minimize this memory from one’s mind, permanently, resulting in a better chance in life.

The interview looks more like psychological access rather than just talking, where Dr. Mantleray refers to hypnotism rather than basic interview skills. Dr. Mantleray tries to gaining access to Landsberg's dream and planting scene where dreams turn into a good one. Besides showing the step-by-step of the drug process, you will also be shown the dreams of both Milgrim and Landsberg.

The TV series, adapted from the Norwegian TV series, took the theme of science-fiction, but Cary Fukunaga as the director tried not to focus on the theme, but rather on the combination of science and social relations between the characters. Coupled with complex personal conflicts, these TV series feel richer than before. The ranks of casts in this film also need no doubt, ranging from Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, Justin Theroux, and many more.

Although Maniac synopsis and official trailer have been released recently, Maniac will be accessible on the Netflix streaming service on September 21, 2018. But before that, let's look at the official trailer of Maniac here:

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