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Isabella Moner - Biography and Facts


Peruvian - American

July 10, 2001

All about Isabella Moner Biography and Filmography / Movies

Isabella Moner is one of the talented American celebs. Acting is one of her things, while singing and dancing are the others. This seventeen years old teenager has shown her multi-talents through various platforms. To know her better, this article of Isabella Moner biography and filmography will also explain about her biography, the D.O.B of Isabella Moner, the Instagram account of Isabella Moner along with her current partner.

A little bit more about this Cleveland-born actress, she was born on 10th July 2001. She pursues a career in the tough entertainment industry from a rather early age. She was only 10 when she made her very first appearance. It was a small role she got on Broadway along with Ricky Martin. After the play, she was added into Nickelodeon that was when she got another role in some well-known children sitcoms.

Details on Isabella Moner Biography and Filmography

Moner is not an ordinary actress; she is an extraordinary one, for sure. Her talents are not limited only to the ability to act in front of audiences, but also to sing and dance as well. A couple of years before she made her acting debut for Isabella Moner biography and filmography/movies, Moner had shown off her singing ability when she was seven.

She even participated in 2008 and 2009 consecutively and managed to snatch the trophy for each competition. Clearly, she was interested in performing arts since she was young. As her career goes right, she even made various social media account to keep in touch with her fans. Currently, the child actress is quite active on her Instagram account with username @isabelamoner.

Many of her activities are shared on the said platform just for her fans, including her love life. The last news from media has reported that for the moment, she is involved with Jace Norman. The two were seen multiple times by media in a very intimate pose. This makes people assume that they are, indeed, in a relationship.

In Isabella Moner biography and filmography, 100 Things to do Before High School is one notable sitcom that has helped her to climb the chart of the entertainment industry. It is expected since the said sitcom is pretty popular during those days.

Besides that sitcom, the adventure of this Cancer-signed actress in the entertainment industry is followed by her involvement in a TV movie. The movie is The Next Big Thing: NY which was released in 2012. After that, her opportunity to play in big screen comes with The House That Jack Built.

More about Isabella Moner biography and filmography, together with other notable actor and actresses, she got to play the role of Jenny in Growing up Fisher. The show got canceled after its seven episodes but Moner’s career didn’t. She got to participate in other projects, such as Dora and Friends: Into the City (where she voiced the character of Kate) and Transformers: The Last Knight (where Moner played the role of a protagonist). (gk)