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Golden Globe Awards: the Laid Back Ceremony, Important Awards

Golden Globe Awards ceremony is known to be a laid-back event. The A-list guests in flashy dresses and suits are mingling freely with fellow public figures while sipping on booze. While the event itself looks fun and free, the awards are given definitely hold importance.

The awards are given to those who have displayed excellence in their crafts, whether in film projects or television programs. Participants are not limited from within the United States; foreign projects are also recognized. These awards are presented by Hollywood Foreign Press Associated. The first ceremony was held on 20 January 1944.

definition and all about golden globe awards achievement
Golden Globe Awards

Several Categories of Golden Globe Awards

In total, there are 26 awards offered to nominees: 15 are related to motion pictures while 11 are for television programs. We are going to discuss some of the most infamous categories along with the definitions and all about that.

1. Best Motion Picture Awards

These awards are given to movies that display great artistry in the entire year. Since the establishment of these awards, Best Motion Picture has always existed. There are two categories: Drama and Musical or Comedy. The split started in 1951.

2. Best Drama Series

It is one of Golden Globe Awards given to television programs. Series in the genre of drama which shows excellent work will be given this award. Miniseries and documentary also fall under this category. This award has been given out since 1962. The Dick Powell Show is known to be the first winner of this category.

3. Best Comedy Series

It is another category for television series. Comedy or musical series that's considered to be the best among all contenders that year by the panel will receive this award. Similar with Best Drama Series, this one has been given out since 1962. It used to be combined with Best Drama Series category.

4. Best Actor in Motion Picture Awards

It is given to actors who have shown great acting prowess in motion picture productions. Similar to Best Motion Picture, there are two categories: Drama and Musical or Comedy. The split started in 1951. The first winner was Paul Lukas for his performance in Watch on the Rhine in 1943.

5. Best Actress in Motion Picture Awards

These are also one of the most renowned Golden Globe Awards. The actress who receives this award has shown her greatest acting performance. Meryl Streep is known to be an actress with the most nominations and wins in the award’s history. Similar to Best Actor category, this category is said to be able to predict the winner of Oscar award in the same category.

6. Cecil B. DeMille Award

This award was established in 1951. It is given to someone who has shown outstanding support to the development of entertainment industry. The name was derived from the first person who received this award, Cecil DeMille, a filmmaker from the United States. Other famous awardees of this award are Walt Disney and Audrey Hepburn.

Golden Globe Awards hold great importance to the development of film and television industry. You should not miss its ceremony, which is usually held in January. (gk)

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