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Smallfoot (2018) - Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

Find Out Smallfoot Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

In the past few years, the animated movie began to dominate international film tags. Although the target market is children, over time, teenagers and adults also enjoy this genre. This is evidenced by the number of animated film titles that are often full-booked when aired. In 2018, a new animated movie appeared with a fresh and entertaining story, titled Smallfoot. Well, the following is Smallfoot movie synopsis and official trailer.

Talk about Smallfoot Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

Having a fresh and entertaining story premise, Smallfoot tells about a village containing a Yeti located on a snowy mountaintop. In ordinary life, the Yeti had never met humans before, until one of them named Migo found a man named Percy who was lost in their village. This discovery finally shocked the entire village of Yeti, where they believed that humans and Yeti should not meet.

In his journey to find Percy's way home, while protecting him from Yeti villagers who were angry with him, Percy and Migo formed a strengthening bond of friendship among them. Percy's existence also sparked Migo's curiosity about the world outside their village, where humans do exist. The two of them are assisted by several villagers who were friendly with Migo. They finally ventured to cross into the human world. How about the reaction of these two creatures when they met?

Smallfoot movie synopsis and official trailer contain a simple, light and entertaining story. The film, directed by Karey Kirkpatrick, also has a range of famous casts, namely Channing Tatum, Zendaya, James Corden, and LeBron James. According to some reviewers, Smallfoot managed to change the image of Yeti or Bigfoot which was previously creepy and mysterious, being friendly to humans. The description of Yeti here is also full of bright colors, thus making them easily liked by children. However, the core message of Smallfoot is suitable for all ages. They teach the importance of friendship, courage, and togetherness.

There is no doubt about the work of Karey Kirkpatrick, especially animated films. Many of his works are well known, say Over The Hedge, Chicken Run which will be made the sequel, and The Smurfs. Each movie is the right combination for the existence of Smallfoot, while also delivers a message about unity, courage, and a sense of family.

Of course, a good film doesn't just rely on the director. There are many variables and components that make Smallfoot worth watching this year. Call it the voice actors that contain great people, like Zendaya and Channing Tatum. Although some of them have no record of doing voice acting, it just adds to our curiosity about how these casts channel the character and personality only through their voice. Besides the cast, Karey Kirkpatrick is also backed by a famous production house, Warner Bros. Animation.

Seeing the anticipation for Smallfoot movie synopsis and official trailer, Warner Bros. decided to release Smallfoot on September 28th, 2018 in theaters around the world.