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Emma Watson - Biography and Facts



April 15, 1990

Brief Information about Emma Watson Biography and Filmography

You must have heard the name, Emma Watson. She is a well-known female actor who has been working in the entertainment field since her young age. She is very passionate about her career. It can be seen from the number of her films. Here is the brief information regarding Emma Watson Biography and movies.

The biography of Emma Watson is going to be explained more here. The information also includes Emma Watson birthday, Emma Watson official Instagram account, and her current partner. To get to know her more, keep reading on.

More about Emma Watson Biography and Filmography

It has been mentioned a brief that Emma Watson is a female actor. In fact, she is known for her very first role as Hermione in the big hit film: Harry Potter. Before talking more about her early career, let’s talk about her personal information first.

This gorgeous actress has a full name Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. Yet, she uses the name Emma Watson only as her stage name. She was born in Paris, April 15th, 1990. She is still young and in productive age. Although Emma was born in Paris, she moved to Oxfordshire. Therefore, her nationality is British.

Related to Emma Watson Biography and movies, the first film she starred in was the first series of Harry Potter entitled Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. She got cast as Hermione, one of the main roles in the film. Because of her good acting, she also starred in the next seven films of Harry Potter. Since this film can be said as everyone’s favorite all the time, it makes Emma’s name gets more famous than ever.

Another film which was a big hit was Beauty and the Beast. Many people waited for this when it had not released yet. It was then released in 2017. Emma played the main role as Belle there. The film hits the box office with estimated earnings $1.2 billion.

Besides her career as an actress, she also works for women’s rights. This is another thing in which she is very into it. In many occasions, Emma posts her works in her own social media, especially Instagram. If you are curious about what she’s been doing all the time, go follow her official account at @emmawatson.

If you search for it, there will be many accounts which have the same name. However, the one and only real account is the one given above. The real account has 47.4 million followers. This number is very huge indeed since there are many people who like this actress.

Speaking about Emma Watson Biography and filmography, it's not complete without talking about her love life. As we know, she always keeps quiet about it. She is not like other celebrities who love to show-off their personal life. Recently, she dated Chord Overstreet. They were known to be split, but a few months later, they were spotted together again. Up to now, Emma still keeps it secret, but their figure in one frame tells everything. (gk)