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Emilia Clarke - Biography and Facts



October 23, 1986

Brief and Concise Information of Emilia Clarke Biography and Filmography

Since the emergence of "Game of Thrones", the name Emilia Clarke began to rise to the public. Acting as "mother of all dragons", Emilia nailed it easily leaving a deep impression. Even so, there are still many of her fans who don’t know about her. That‘s why this time we will discuss Emilia Clarke biography and filmography in detail. Besides, we will also discuss the complete biography of Emilia Clarke, starting from Emilia Clarke date of birth, Emilia Clarke Instagram account, even Emilia Clarke love life.

The Beginning of Emilia Clarke Biography and Filmography

On October 23, 1986, in Berkshire, England, she was born from a businesswoman and a sound engineer. The baby is then given the name Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke, later known as Emilia Clarke.

Emilia's interest in the world of acting began when she was invited to her father's workplace, namely at a theater show called "Show Boat". She was so interested then chose to enter St. Edward's School and Rye St. Antony School wherein both she participated in school theater play. When Emilia graduated in 2005, she still held hope to become an artist, until she entered the London Drama Center where she appeared in a total of 10 drama plays until graduated in 2009.

After graduation, she continues to cast and appear in some soap opera, such as Doctors and Triassic Attack. A year later, she was immediately assigned to become Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones TV series. Although on her mega TV series debut she was required to appear naked and also have sex scenes, Emilia didn’t really think about it. Since then, her acting career began to look brilliant. In fact, she received various awards due to her role in Game of Thrones, such as Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, by EWwy Award.

In addition, after successfully playing the Mother of All Dragons, many acting offers came to her, and many movies also refused. One of them is the role of Anastasia in the novel-based movie, Fifty Shades of Gray. Despite her reaction towards nudity in Game of Thrones, the very same reason also influenced her to turn down this role.

In 2015, she acts with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Genysis. There, she acts as young Sarah Connor. Even if she gets a lot of criticism, Emilia won numerous awards from this movie, such as the Choice Summer Movie Star by Teen Choice Awards. She then continued acting on Me Before You (2016) to Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Well, she reportedly had a relationship with Seth MacFarlane, but the relationship only lasted 6 months before they finally split up. Now, she lives alone at her house in California.

Besides beautiful face and attractive performance, Emilia turned out to also have a good heart. This is proven by the crowning she became an ambassador of the UK Royal College of Nursing in 2018. You can find her on her Instagram @emilia_clarke and that concludes our brief discussion of Emilia Clarke Biography and filmography. (gk)