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David Lambert - Biography and Facts



November 29, 1993

David Lambert Biography and Filmography along with His Career

If you are a fan of ‘The Fosters’, then you must be already familiar with this special guy. However, for those who aren’t, this article of David Lambert Biography and Filmography can be the assistant to indulge you on the said topic. This article will also explain the biography of David Lambert, his date of birth, the Instagram account of David Lambert and his partner.

Additionally, below will be listed the names of the movies that Lambert has starred in this couple of years of his career. Now, let’s settle the basic things first, the name’s David Lambert; born on 29th November 1993, or approximately 25 years ago. His nationality is America and he’s well-known as an actor. The young man was born in one of the states in the southeastern region of the US, Louisiana.

Knowing More about David Lambert Biography and Filmography

Now deeper into David Lambert Biography and Filmography, of course, there is nothing easy with anyone’s career. Well, unless they are a successor of a conglomerate family who has couples of companies which will be enough to fend themselves and their future line for seven generations. The same goes for David Lambert as he debuted in 2007 while his name only started to rise in 2013. That was when he played the role of Brandon Foster.

Lambert was an introvert kid; he was rarely showing any response to either his teacher or his friends. His parents were obviously concerned about this that they take him to a counselor and decided to home-school Lambert. However, as he has had this artistic interest from when he was a toddler, this condition clearly gives him some perks. With him being homeschooling, Lambert had more time to fulfill his desire to polish the artistic talents that he had.

Years later when his father passed away, as an introvert as he is, he coped with his loss by indulged in art even more than before. It was started with small roles in some plays. Then a moment later he was in some TV series, playing a small role in a whole season with multiple appearances in each episode. Tyler Perry’s House of Payne was the first and Psych is the next.

A couple of years passed and the ‘one’ role eventually lands to his hand. It was a drama from ABC, ‘The Fosters’ and the rest is history. Unfortunately, when he tried his way to big screen through The Lifeguard, various unexpected responses from the public he received. The movie turned out bad and poorly received by critics and movie-audience.

David Lambert Biography and Filmography may be well-known to the public, but Lambert doesn’t really share much about his personal life. On one rare time, he confirmed that he’s been dating the American actress, Kaya Rosenthal by announcing it on his Instagram account @dglambert. There is nothing for sure about how the love could bloom between the two, but media and fans have been speculating the lovebirds are already together since May 2015. (gk)