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Cameron Bright - Biography and Facts



January 26, 1993

Cameron Bright Biography and Filmography: Inside the Weak Boy

This grown-up young actor has acted in various top-tier films, such as The Twilight Saga, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Ultraviolet. As a young person with passive acting, Cameron Bright is known for his weak child role. Therefore, Cameron Bright biography and filmography contains a record of his career that has acted with many famous actors and actresses.

This article will explain various details about Cameron Bright, which many people may not know. Besides his biography, there is also the date of birth, Instagram account, even the current partner of Cameron Bright.

The Record of Cameron Bright Biography and Filmography

Everything began when Cameron Bright was born on January 26, 1993, from his parents, Jake Crigger and Anne Bright. Cameron Bright also has a brother named Bryce Nelson Bright. The actor who was born in Victoria, Canada has started his acting career at a young age, when he appeared in a telecommunications ad named Telus.

Becoming a young man with a slightly pleasing look and passive behavior turned out to provide a lot of benefits to Cameron Bright. Evidently, his first major film debut was directly at The Butterfly's Effect in 2004, where he performed alongside Ashton Kutcher and William Lee Scott, his adult-version in the movie. After getting quite a lot of appraisal at The Butterfly's Effect, he immediately acted in Godsend along with veteran actors Robert De Niro and Rebecca Romijn. In the 2004 film, he played the role of cloning the child of a couple who lost his child.

Although Godsend's premise is quite strange, the next film is also no less unorthodox. That same year, he acted together with Nicole Kidman in Birth. In the film, he acts as a child who is believed to be the reincarnation of Nicole Kidman's husband. Well, Birth got a lot of pro and contra arguments, but it did not interfere with Cameron Bright biography and filmography.

In 2006, Cameron Bright acted in Running Scared, apparently the last film of Paul Walker. In Running Scared, Cameron plays the role of a friend of Paul Walker's son, where he has abusive parents and intends to kill his parents. After that, he reunited with Rebecca Romijn in X-Men: The Last Stand with other players such as Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman.

In 2009, Cameron Bright played a role together with Dakota Fanning in the second installment of Twilight, namely New Moon as Volturi vampire, which then continued in the third installment, Eclipse, and the last one, Breaking Dawn: Part II.

Now, Cameron Bright stays with his family in the city of Nanaimo, Canada. He had seen close to his opponent in the Twilight Saga, Dakota Fanning, but foundered after 3 years together. Now, he prefers to spend time acting in several films. You can watch his daily life in his Instagram @cameron_bright.

That's a series of notes about Cameron Bright biography and filmography. The young actor who is growing up today is trying to balance his acting career with his life with his small family. (gk)