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Bumblebee (2018) - Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

Bumblebee movie synopsis and newest official trailer 2018
BumbleBee (2018)

The Sixth Transformers’ Movie: Bumblebee Movie Synopsis and Official Trailer

Transformers series is without a doubt the infamous movie franchise that has attracted millions of audience. The sixth installment of this series will be released by the end of 2018. This movie is called Bumblebee and will revolve around the titular character. We will talk about Bumblebee movie synopsis and official trailer in the next part of this passage.

Bumblebee is a renowned character in Transformers alternate universe. Audience from different age groups will recognize this yellow Autobot. People are in love with this bubbly and courageous character. Perhaps that is one of the few reasons why he got a movie of his own. It is the first spin-off story in this movie franchise, which means it is not directly related to the main story of this movie series.

Now let’s get to Bumblebee movie synopsis and official trailer of the movie. This movie is set up in 1987 or approximately twenty years before incidents in the first Transformers movie happened. It talks about Bumblebee who goes on hiding in a junkyard in the small town in California. He meets a human girl named Charlie Watson who agrees to take care of him. They are supposed to live quietly.

However, the peace is disturbed because this pair is being chased by a mysterious government agency named Sector 7. The head of this agency is Agent Burns. They begin a game of cat and mouse with the government. During their runaway, they find out that Bumblebee is not the only Transformer who currently resides on Earth. Unfortunately, not all of Transformers out there are nice nor do they care about the human race. In addition to running from the government, they also have to fight Decepticons.

This movie began production process in 2016 with an announcement from Paramount Pictures. The screenplay of Bumblebee was finished in mid-2016 by writer Christina Hodson with the help of Kelly Craig. Travis Knight was appointed as the director of this series in early 2017, marking it as the first movie in this series which is not directed by Michael Bay. The casting process then began. This movie was shot from the end of July to mid-November 2017.

When talking about Bumblebee movie synopsis and official trailer, it will not be complete without discussing its casts. Hailee Steinfeld is cast as Charlie Watson. John Cena also participates in this project as Agent Burns. Pamela Adlon, Rachel Crow, and John Ortiz also join in the cast as supporting characters. Kenneth Choi and Abby Quinn will be present in the movie too.

Initially, this movie was set to be released on 8 June 2018. However, the date is pushed back so it will be released nationwide in the United States on 21 December 2018. It is projected to be a quite successful movie like its predecessor, especially since it is taken on $102 million budget. Once you have read the details on Bumblebee movie synopsis and official trailer, there is no way you are not interested in watching it. Check out this official trailer of Bumblebee here!

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