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Alex Lawther - Biography and Facts



May 4, 1995

Alex Lawther Biography and Filmography, the Young Talented Actor

The prince charming is named Alex Lawther, a young and talented English actor who already won the London Film Critic Award. Lawther who began his debut at 16 proves that he is a skillful actor. Since his first appearance in 2013 as Benjamin Britten, he got his fame and keep himself exist in the entertainment field. You will find out all about him through Alex Lawther biography and filmography. There will be a biography, birth date, Instagram account and other information about Alex Lawther.

Alex Lawther Biography and Movies

Life and Work Story
The English actor was born on 4th May 1995 in Petersfield, Hampshire. He is the youngest kid of three, with his parents work in law. Alex’s older brother, Cameron Lawther, is known as film producer while his older sister named Ellie Lawther gets a job in public policy.

Lawther seems to have talent in acting, proven by play script that he wrote at his drama club in 2009. He was active to play drama club at school, allowing him to get improved acting skill. He was noted to train with National Youth Theatre as well.

Alex came to debut since 2013 with his first film. He got the lead role as Benjamin Britten. In the following year, he played as young Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. This film won him an award in London Film Critic Circle in the category of Young British Performer. It surely leveled up Alex Lawther biography and movies.

In 2016, he involved in Departure film and got a role as Elliot. The next year, he has got films entitled Freak Show and Goodbye Christopher Robin. Recently, he has noted as an actor in Ghost Stories film and he played a role as Simon Rifkind.

During his career, Lawther got many praises, one of which is from Dame Maggie Smith. He mentioned that he already achieved what most of us spend a whole life trying to do that. This is surely a compliment for young Lawther. He is also compared to Ben Whishaw who becomes an idol for Lawther himself.

If you want to keep updated with his activity, feel free to follow the Instagram account on @alexlawtherfanpage (this account made by his fan). This page has more than 200K followers. You can get updates and feed his activity.

When it comes to his love life, rumor has it that Lawther is a gay for he ever played a role as LGBT. However, there is no confirmation about this rumor. The fact that he just plays the character does not mean it reflects his real life. It will be wise to wait for the confirmation from Alex.

Now you know all about Alex Lawther biography and filmography. You can find out how talented this English actor is. With many films, TV series, stages and radios he deals with, Alex Lawther deserves the fame. He got the fame not because of fortune but because of his good work. Keep looking forward to Lawther’s upcoming film! (gk)